VCOR is an Occupational Therapy treatment facility with a focus on giving patients back their lives after having suffered from work-related injuries. We utilize many different modalities which work together to bring individualized treatment to each of our patients.

At Vermont Center for Occupational Therapy, we believe that communication and education are the two biggest tools we offer to our patients in order to give them knowledge to overcome pain and work towards successful pain management and injury prevention in the future.

Dr. John Johansson is the founder and medical director of the Vermont Center for Occupational Rehabilitation. He is a member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine, the American Osteopathic Association, the American Academy of Pain Management, and the American Academy of Manual Medicine.

Treating both sub-acute injuries and chronic pain conditions, Dr. Johansson and the VCOR staff assist patients with recovering from work injuries by offering individualized and integrated treatment plans.

With the goal of restoring as much function as possible, combinations of the following modalities are utilized: physical therapy, ergonomic education, muscular re-education, work simulation, work conditioning, massage therapy, aquatic therapy, biofeedback and a variety of pain management strategies. A home program of stretching, exercise and self-care strategies is developed for each patient to support a continuation of the treatment independently after completing their program at VCOR. Work site evaluations by an ergonomic specialist are also available.

Weekly staff meetings attended by all VCOR staff ensure a coordinated effort during treatment. Nurse case managers are invited to attend these meetings in person or by telephone conference.

Our Mission

VCOR is an integrated rehabilitation facility that educates the injured worker to manage pain and overcome their work related injuries.

Our Approach

The VCOR, led by John Johansson, D.O., has developed many unique and innovative methods in the approach to successful rehabilitation to meet each individual patient’s needs. VCOR’s goal for each patient is to experience successful and meaningful treatment that will change the patient’s life for the better. VCOR believes that educating each patient in methods and tools to limit future injuries by managing their current injury is key to helping our patients move forward in their lives.